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Once she found Winnie, my friend thought we needed a dog too, so she kept sending me links to the Aylmer SPCA site until I was trained to go there myself.  

In November 2009 I saw this alert little face on the website.  I was captivated.  I sent the link by email to Dear Hubby: "I'm not asking but..." Hubby was our cautious holdout.  

Well Hubby liked the little face too so we applied and were given an appointment for the following Saturday morning.   

We arrived an hour early and our son was beside himself with excitement.  We tried to convey to him that this might not be our dog, but if not, we'd keep looking.  

When the doors opened we stepped up to the counter and a lady brought out a bounding skinny bundle of excited mini-Schnauzer.  Next thing we knew we were given a leash with Randy at the end, and a bag.  Out the door we went, Randy leading.  

He took us along the road and made a sharp left to the Quarry path.  He was small and so full of energy.  We had a lovely walk getting to know this spirited, keen, bright little fellow. 

Back at the SPCA counter, a man asked the lady behind the counter, "So are they taking Randy?" 

Son and I turned our puppy dog eyes to Hubby.   

He said "Yes". 


That evening, to seal the deal, Randy settled down on Hubby's always-cold feet.  He was home.  

Randy didn't answer to Randy so we decided to give him a new name after observing him for a couple days.  The little dog in the Asterix and Obelisk stories is always in the background and yet always part of the story, he's busy, has a sense of humour and his heart breaks whenever a tree is harmed.  So Randy became Idéfix.  Iddy.  Idéfix is a play on "idée fixe" or "fixed idea / determined". 

Iddy came to us at 18 months old, fully trained.  He makes one small bark to ask to go in the yard.  He makes sure we know when someone is at the front door.  

He remains healthy, happy, snuggly, protective, playful, energetic and eager to bolt out the door for walks.  He loves his toys and will go get the one we ask him to get for a game of "I'll fetch but I'm not giving it back to you". 

After some early walkabouts, we all took training and Iddy has learned to come back so we often go off-lead at the dog park where he is social and so happy.

Iddy's best friend is beautiful golden Winnie.  He knows her name and he gets very excited when he hears they are getting together.  Iddy and Win wrestle and play until tired, then rest and go at it again and again.  

Iddy makes us a family of four and we can't imagine a time before he was with us. 

Yvonne, François, Jean-Luc and Idéfix




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