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Hello Jennifer and all my old friends at the shelter.  I am sending some pictures that I thought you would like to see.  There's some of me at home, some of me at my cottage and a few of me out for a walk in the woods with my new family.  I went to PEI this summer and had a blast on the beach - but my new family forgot the camera so I don't have pictures to send to you. 

I am adjusting very well to my new home.  My new family is very happy that they didn't take me back to the shelter after the first few days.  I guess I was a handful in the first few days, but I eventually settled down.  My next door neighbour is a dog person and really helped train my new family in how to handle me.  They read Cesar Milan's book on dog psychology (The Dog Whisperer).  Now I'm a lot happier and so is my new family.


I'm going to obedience classes so that I'll be even better than I am now.  My new family is very happy with me - although they tell me there are a still a few rough edges I need to take off.  Obedience classes will do that.  They understand that I am a real sweet dog that likes nothing better than to please people  (although I do have a mind of my own sometimes - but I think my new family likes my spirit and character).


Life in Kanata is very good for me.  I get walked twice a day.  On the weekends and some weeknights I get to run in a nature preserve - there are miles of trails where I can run.  And I get to go to the family cottage in the summertime.  My neighbour (Sharon) has three huskies and sometimes I get to go spend time with them.  They tell me that I will be part of a dog team this winter.  Sharon thinks I will do just fine on the team.

Anyway, I hope you are all fine.  Take care ...


Hello to all my friends at the shelter.  Here's pictures of me running with my dog team.  I get out 3 - 4 times a week all over the Gatineau.  Check out my shoulder muscles - I'm buffed!  I'm now working my way up the team and am training to be a lead dog.

Take care,



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