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It's going to be one month tomorrow that she joined our family.  She is so happy; her eyes are sparkly, she's learned how to cuddle, although she is hesitant when someone puts their hand over her head.  She likes sleeping at the pillow spot next to me in bed.  She and Tobi are real soul mates.  They play so well together and genuinely enjoy each other's company.  Wherever Tobi goes, Tara goes.  In fact our neighbour across the back fence enjoys standing just to watch them play in the yard because they look like they have so much fun.


She knows her name really well and she just mastered "sit" and is doing well with learning other words.  I can leave her and Tobi alone in the house for up to 3 hours now with only the occasional accident.  She's learned to play with toys instead of furniture and routinely heads for the toy basket to take out all her favourite toys.  She's very good at sharing toys with Tobi.

I enjoy her so much and am so thankful she's now part of our family.  Hope all is well with you and other dogs in your facility are finding new homes ...

Our new family member "Tara" is a wonderful new puppy girl in our family.  She and her new sister Tobi get along fabulously and are very close.  She spends her days playing with her sister, going on trips in a motor home and being part of a family who loves her very much. Attached are a couple of photos. 


Sheryl B.




Just a quick note to let you know that Tara is doing great.  Attached is a photo of her (in the background) with her sister Tobi.




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