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First off, we have changed her name to "Pucca"... it's actually a cute little Japanese character (photo below). 

I've attached some pictures of her with her new canine brother and sister. 

She's adapting wonderfully... like she always belonged! 

Here is the note I just sent off to her 2 legged aunts and uncles: 

My first night was rough and I didn't get much sleep worrying about stuff, the second night, I only woke up once, at 4:00am... I played with Rocky in the garage.  Last night was awesome, I went to bed at the same time as Dad and then woke up with Mom at 5:30am... and my crate was spotless... I did all my stuff outside and then devoured breakfast!  Yes, life so far at my new home is wonderful!

I'll keep you posted on her progress as her little life goes on... 

Thank you ... and we will be in touch! ...

Here is the latest on Pucca (formally know as Jewl).  She's awesome!  At 12 weeks old, she's got a lot of our doggy routine down pretty good!  Get all happy and excited when someone comes home or when it's walk time, sit when you are about to get a treat, ring the bell to go outside, get in your crate when you are asked, and play, play, play with her big sister and brother.

Her big sister (and motherly figure) is Lady (also formally know as Youpie - adopted from the SPCA in 2001).  Lady rules the roost, and Pucca seems to know that but definitely tries her patience any chance she has.  Rocky, her bigger for now brother, is her wrestling buddy; she's getting fine training from him, but I don't have the heart to tell him he won't be winning all the battles for long! 

All three dogs are the greatest entertainment as well as the best company someone could ask for.  Thanks for letting us add Lady and Pucca to our family!

Christine K.




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