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I adopted Jade (now called Pie) from you last December at 4 months.  Now she's a year old, happy and healthy and enjoying life.  She weighs 35 lbs, so she's a nice size.

She has a delightful personality.  Although still shy, is very affectionate with those she knows.  She loves to cuddle, to tease the cat, to go out for walks and run off-leash.  She loves to play with other dogs.  She also does lots of tricks, including "take a bow".

Here is a picture of her with me at the park near my apartment in Ottawa ...


Pie is doing very well.  She went to obedience classes as a puppy and was a star pupil.  

Pie gets a lot of compliments on her looks, her sweet nature and good behaviour whenever we go.  I take her everywhere and she loves to visit.  Her favourite is the pet food store near our home where she gets treats.  We also go to cafes and a retirement home to visit a friend.  She is very curious to go new places and has no fear of elevators or automatic doors.


Pie is also getting better at behaving around my cat Dooney, who is now 9 years old.  She loves sniffing him and wags her tail, but Dooney will only put up with so much sniffing before protesting or taking off. Dooney likes her too, but wishes she would calm down a bit.




Pie is enjoying the winter, running through the snow and playing with other dogs. She does not like the cold, but I have various coats for her.  She is getting lots of love and attention and is a wonderful addition to our home.

Sharon C.





Update February '13

Pie is now six, and the sweetest, calmest, smartest dog ever.  We moved to Stouffville, near Toronto, which she took in stride.  Her cat friend Dooney passed away this year at 14. 






Pie and Frida are not playmates anymore, but I suppose they accept one another.  Pie shows Frida how things are done and is a calm older sister.  Frida's excitement has rubbed off on Pie, so Pie is a bit more animated.  Pie is a delight and I feel so lucky to have her.





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