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Phebee & Maggie



We adopted two terriers last July and we are really happy with the choice we made.  We have a Sky terrier that we named Maggie, a female of two months who was really shy and afraid.  It took her 2 months to really start trusting humans again but she is so sweet.  She listens really well and even if she doesn't walk with a leash she follows really well during the walk.





The other little female, who was 8 months at the time, is a Scottish terrier and she is a real hunter.  She need a leash to go around the lake because life is full of scents and she is so curious she can follow any wild animals.  She chases squirrels, little fish, birds, grasshoppers - name it; if it moves she will run after it.



We had lost our precious dogs after 17 years and we had a really rough time until we adopted these two precious creatures.  They are really active but free and happy, and we love them.  Thank you again for your help finding them.

Guy-Anne L.









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