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I am not sure if you will remember him or not.  Apparently he had been there five months before I adopted him.  I can't thank you enough for keeping him!  He is such a part of all our lives I can't imagine not coming home and having him race to the door to greet me!  He is gentle, sweet and very kind.  He gets along great with all other animals, not just dogs.  He loves the walks in the woods when he is off leash and never strays far, apparently being a stray once was more than enough for him, as he often runs back to make sure I am still exactly where he thinks I am.

When in the house he is always under my feet, he doesn't like to be far.  He sleeps at my feet every night so I know I am watched over.  Again, we can't thank you enough for keeping him for us!!!

Nicole L.


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