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We added little Mocha to our family two weeks ago...and she's brought much joy to our home.  We have an older dog now (he's an 11 year old Lab mix; also a rescue dog) and the addition of Mocha has helped renew his energy level; and we're convinced, has added years to his life.





Mocha has fit right into our home. She's a delight to be with (and a real little snuggler)!!  She makes us laugh...makes us smile...and makes us proud. 




We encourage everyone who has the space and time to devote, to add another 'little friend' to their home.  All they want is love and shelter...and the payback they will give you is forever unconditional love, devotion and happiness ...





I just would like to let you know that Mocha is doing great and we love her very much.  On Saturday she'll be finishing her first obedience course (Graduation pictures I am sure will follow :)).

Please see attached pictures I took 2 weeks ago.  See you sometime soon.

Best wishes,

Katarina and Jeff S.


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