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The first 24 hrs are over and Lloyd is doing really well.

I think we’re changing his name to Lucas and he seems to be responding to that already.

We have thoroughly explored the 4 acres we have along with every inch of the house.

He was clean in his crate last night.  He seems happy to have his own “safe place” to go to.


Already Lucas is a hit with my other two dogs and he slept very well in his crate last night alongside Morgan and Kellie.

We stopped at a friend’s house on the way home yesterday and she has a pool.  Lucas had a ball cooling off and boy can he swim.  He just loved the water and was very excited and very happy.

Thanks. ...



He and Morgan, my 5yr old Springer are going to be firm playtime buddies - they both love to play fetch.  Lucas has explored just about the whole property.  He's eating well, being very good in his crate and clean.  He lets us know when he wants out to go outside.  He's just settling in so well.  And, yes, you guys are right, he just loves to snuggle.  I can understand why all of you thought of him as a special boy.  The big hug from all of you has been delivered.  He's chilling out today because it's very hot.  We have a couple of kiddie pools for the dogs to keep cool. ...


Lucas has been in the family for just over 4 weeks.  He's settled in really well and is enjoying the company of my 14 yr old female Brittany as well as my 6 yr old male Springer.  I'll let you have new pictures soon.  Lucas is a really nice dog and has had some obedience.  I'll be starting some refresher obedience classes shortly and then agility towards the end of September.



Here is a picture of Lucas hanging out in the kitchen.

Lucas is doing well at his refresher obedience class.  He was nervous the first class as the surroundings were all new to him and new dogs to meet. 

On Sat morning he had his first agility class and had lots fun especially going through the tunnel and the teeter-totter.  Next class he gets to try out the A-frame.

Lucas continues to enjoy being part of our family.  He is such an affectionate dog and has a typical Brittany personality.

He and Morgan (6yr Springer Spaniel) love playing fetch together especially if they lose the ball in the long grass and have to scent out the ball.  It’s such a pleasure to see him happy and doing what he loves to do.

The walks in the woods are more and more enjoyable at this time of year.  Lucas is getting along with all his doggie friends that walk with us a couple of times a week.  The dogs include 2 aussies and a husky plus, from time to time, one or two foster dogs.

Valerie H.



Update February ’11 …

Here's a picture of Lucas (aka LLoyd) from last April 2010.  He's doing really well and living a great life with his buddies Morgan (Springer) and Sienna (American cocker spaniel).  He's such a great Brittany but suffers from separation anxiety which I'm able to manage to a degree.  I'm so glad I found him at the Aylmer shelter.  I'll have had him 4 yrs in the summer.



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