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Leroy is doing just fine.  He is such a good boy - he sleeps through the night and doesn't take up more than his half of my bed, he adjusted to his halti in 2 minutes, he loves other dogs, he is completely house trained, he is so good in the car and in Petsmart.  And on and on.  I just love him.  AND, he is also beautiful!  

My daughter-in-law got a picture of him that we sent to her and she believes he is all Pyrenees.  A friend brought over a 4-month-old miniature Schnauzer on Friday and he played with her for the longest time and he played just like a puppy.  What fun.  He still tips over his food, but I now put the bowl on a cookie sheet and it spills over onto that and he is happy.  His drinks come from the toilet and birdbaths :). 

Thank you all so much for taking such good care of him and giving him to me. ...

When I walk him through the neighbourhood, people come out of their houses to look at him and pet him; some people have even come out of traffic and stopped their cars to admire.  He is a show stopper, and the biggest suck on four feet ...


Pictures of Leroy enjoying the first snowstorm of the season last month.

Elaine M.













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