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House Training

Use a crate to confine your puppy when you are not directly supervising it.  Keep the puppy on a leash, and attach the leash to your belt loop.  This way the puppy is only 6 feet away from you at all times, and canít get into trouble.  Feed the puppy a good quality food, on a schedule.  Your veterinarian or breeder will recommend a proper schedule for your puppy.  Stick to it. 

Take the puppy out to your chosen location at scheduled intervals.  Go outside with the puppy.  Use a command word such as "hurry up", "outside", or some other appropriate command.  Remain quiet while the puppy is actually eliminating, but within Ĺ a second of eliminating give it a food treat and exuberant praise for eliminating in the correct location. 

Do not let the puppy do its business in your home.  The puppy must be confined to a small area until it has earned your trust.  Gradually increase the size of the area.  Be prepared to watch your puppy at all times.  If you catch the puppy in the act, clap your hands, shout its name, make a loud noise.  You want the puppy to stop eliminating, so you can get the puppy outside while it still needs to go, and therefore, praise it for going in an appropriate location.  If you do not catch the puppy in the act, ignore it.  Clean up the mess with a solution of 50% water, 50% white vinegar, and donít let it happen again.