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Thank you so much for the email, I was thinking about emailing you with some pictures actually.  Mom and dad just got their computers up and running after moving, so they will download the photo's and send them soon. 

Things are going well, and I am living a very good life.  I have been catching onto the commands Amber and Mathew give me, but I sometimes like to test them to see if I can get away with not listening.  For the most part, I do listen and do what I am told. I guess I'm still a bit excitable and I can't sit still for very long.  I just get really antsy sometimes because I want to know everything going on. 

I get out for lots of walks, and go to off-leash parks to play with other dogs sometimes.  We live near a school yard, so Shadow and I run and play there for a few hours at a time.  Our nana comes to visit every Tues and Wed to give mom and dad a break and to stay with us during the day while they are at work.  She is so kind, and I love her so much.  She is also very good to us.  We get to go everywhere with her and she takes us out to off-leash dog parks and walks all the time. 

We also spend a lot of time sitting in our backyard with mom and dad just enjoying the sun (when we have sun).  We also get to go camping almost every weekend, and Mathew is going to try taking me kayaking soon.  Shadow gets to go all the time because she is used to it and has a life jacket.  I just got one, so I am going to try it out.  I love the water, so it should be good.  We don't go into the white-water.  We just sit on the front of the kayaks, and swim in the flat water.  The life jacket is just in case I jump in the white-water so I don't drown. 

I REALLY like to follow Amber everywhere, and I'm not sure why.  All I know is that I can't help myself, and I just want to be close.  I sometimes run into the back side of her because I am so close, and she laughs at me.  I still have a bit of separation anxiety I suppose because I have to be close to them. 

Anyways, I will write more with the pictures when we send them.

Thanks for the email, and I hope all the other doggies at the SPCA are finding as good a home as I am in.


Hello staff and friends at the SPCA,

I just wanted to send out a big RUFF RUFF to all of you.  My life is so good here with Mathew and Amber, and I am treated like a queen.  We just bought a new house, so I have 1/2 acre to run around on.  I also get lots of toys, treats and lovin!!  Amber and Mathew still take us up to see our nana in Beachburg, where we have over 100 acres of land to run on, and water to swim in.  We still go kayaking with our humans, and I am really good at it now....although I would much rather run the shoreline than waste all the energy swimming.  I love to chase the ducks in the water too, and I try to fly with them when they take off.  It never really works out that well for me! ha-ha!  I
attached a photo of me and my big sister Shadow to this email so you could see what we look like swimming in our life jackets.

On a last note, I really want to tell all of you fellow animals that I REALLY hope you all find good homes like I did.  I am so fortunate that my humans found me, and I am confident good ones will find all of you as well.  Amber and Mathew told me to tell you that they will spread the word to all their loving friends to adopt.  Please have faith and stay strong, good things do happen!!

HERSHEY (and Shadow)


Amber & Mathew (who have created their own doggie poster - click here to see!)


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