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We are just over the moon with delight with our new pal.  He is everything one could ask for in a pet.  There is just one problem.  When he takes me for our many walks he wants to greet every pedestrian, jump up on them and kiss them.  He is also very tolerant of other small dogs being walked but he lunges at big ones.  Sometimes, I think he thinks he is a Pit Bull. 

It is difficult to read a paper in the den with him around.  He likes to sleep on a newspaper or magazine or, preferably, a pillow or our feet.  I am attaching a photo image of him crashed on a small cushion.  The image on the pillow is needlepoint of our dear departed Jack Russell, "Birkey".

He can be a nuisance in bed.  If he wants your attention or wants to play, he takes your finger (gently) in his little sharp teeth and tugs until you comply.  In muggy weather he prefers to sleep on the cold tiles of our powder room or main bathroom. 

He follows us everywhere.  Had I known how affectionate he was I would have called him "Shadow" or "Crazy Glue".

As it is, we adopted him in GATineau and he now lives in BYtown.  So, we took the first few letters of each municipality and christened him GATSBY.  We have only had him a couple of months but he responds to his new name. 

He eats like a truck driver but burns it off running and leaping around our condominium. 

We have two second floor balconies on the Driveway overlooking the Canal and they are his Crow's Nests.  He spends most of his days out there spotting inline skaters, bikers, joggers and barking at other dogs passing by.

GATSBY will eat anything.  If you leave anything - a tool - on the carpet and look for it - it is gone.  He has it somewhere and is chewing it.  A man was here repairing a screen on one of our patio doors and he stole his pliers and screwdriver. 

Life is wonderful with him.  We feel blessed to have such a wonderful domesticated quadruped, friend, companion and house clown.

Pat and Janet M. (and Gatsby even has his own column - click here to see!)



Update July 11

Here is Gatsby's fifth birthday photo.







Update November 11

Somebody is sleeping in Papa Bear's bed.






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