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Owning a Dog... Have You Thought About It??

The dog is a pack animal and is territorial.  This means that your family will become his pack and that hierarchy will have to be established, furthermore you have to be the leader (alpha).  It will also establish its territory and protect it. 

Here are a few things you should consider before you adopt one: 

ITS LONGEVITY:  10 to 15 years 


ITS ACTIVITY LEVEL:  Moderate to high depending on the breed and age (minimum 30 minutes a day) 

ITS FAVOURITE ACTIVITY:  Chewing, digging, barking and running 

ITS DIET:  Omnivorous, carnivorous, scavenger (it’s natural for it to hunt and it will probably enjoy going through your garbage) 

ITS EDUCATION WILL INCLUDE:  Housetraining, bite inhibition, and good manners 

ITS REPRODUCTIVE CYCLE:  The female will become sexually mature between the ages of 8 months and one year.  She will come into heat twice a year and will give birth to an average of 6 puppies per litter.  If she is not spayed she will have a tendency to run away when in heat and will need special care and nutrition during the gestation and nursing period. 

The male will be sexually mature at 8 months (earlier in small breeds).  If he is not neutered he will develop a habit of roaming and will be more aggressive toward other males. 

NOTE:  It is important to research the breed that interests you and to talk to people who live with such dogs, who can honestly tell you what they are really like.  Even before you look at a puppy (they’re all so cute) please look and handle a mature dog of that breed.  Remember that puppies grow fast into adults and they stay that way for a long time.