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We adopted Cosmo (formerly Kelsie) from the SPCA of Western Québec in September 2003.  He was a very scrawny boy when we got him but eventually we have been able to keep his weight up to 80 pounds.  Due to his size, we immediately enrolled him in obedience classes and continue to have a mini class almost every day.  Being very food motivated, he does his entire routine before we have a chance to give him a command! 




He is the neighbourhood social butterfly greeting everyone on the street as they come home or come out of their houses.  True to the retriever blood in him, he is excellent at bringing back the hockey balls he loves to chase.  One of the main highlights in his life is going to Bruce Pit to play with the big dogs.  We feel blessed to have Cosmo in our lives as a constant reminder of the power of unconditional love.


Cavell T. and family


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