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The Benefits of Adopting an Adult Cat


Most have outgrown that active phase of climbing curtains and/or climbing your legs.


Young cats are still playful even though they have outgrown the cute kitten stage.


Adult cats are less active and can tolerate our busy lifestyles better than a kitten that needs ongoing stimulation and socialization.


Adult cats will bond with you just as well as kittens do (after an initial adjustment period).


Adult cats come with less expense:  their vaccinations are often up-to-date and they have been spayed or neutered.


The temperament of an adult cat is clearly visible whereas kittens tend to be a surprise package.


The SPCA of Western Quebec has many beautiful, affectionate adult cats in our Shelter, in our Petsmart Adoption Centre, 1851 Merivale Road, Ottawa, and in our Petcetera Adoption Centre, 1021 Cyrville Road, Ottawa.