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Angel (formerly Autumn) is beginning to show us her personality.  She is still very quiet and tends to sleep or rest most of the time although she opens up more every day.  She is now absolutely loving to take walks on the leash and we finally saw her run in the backyard while playing with her toys.

Stairs are still a challenge for her.  She will not descend or climb the basement stairs.  As for the two outdoor steps to the backyard, she simply jumps them!

Angel and Sara (my autistic daughter) are still afraid of one another although they are both very curious.  They steal each others toys but won't yet approach each other.

Angel is just starting to play with Jade, my 9 year old daughter.

It looks like Angel will be easier to housebreak than we initially thought.  She already understands that our bedroom is off limits.  She is now willingly but reluctantly walking into her cage at night and does not bark for more than 10-20 minutes.  She barked this morning at around 4:30, possibly to tell us she needed to go outside.  My husband took her outside and she did her "business".  She's only had a few accidents; she has her spot around the pool where the kids don't play (fantastic!).  We still need to teach her how to "tell" us when she needs to go outside.

Angel is scheduled for her spaying and hernia on Friday.  We will be looking forward to picking her up on Saturday morning, ASAP.  She is a wonderful addition to our family and we love her very much ...

Angel is part of our family!  She adapted to the household very quickly.  She has her spot on the couch next to me and is territorial about it.  She is also very protective of us and surely can bark.  Anytime she hears a bell, she runs to the front door barking and then waits to see what we do.


We adopted a kitten (my sister-in-law rescued a pregnant and abandoned cat last summer).  We call her Crystal.  She has a very timid type of personality and likes to cuddle.  Angel and Crystal get along pretty well but Angel plays rough with her.  She likes to "bite/nibble" Crystal's tail and to carry her around in her mouth.  Although Crystal squeals, she goes back for more.  All she had to do is growl, yes growl, and Angel runs the other way crying.

Lynne V.


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