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To all the employees and volunteers at the SPCA of Western Quebec, thank you so very much for looking after Ace for us.  We are all enjoying each others company, even the cats adore Ace.  Your openness to Ace's character when talking about adopting him have allowed us to work with him on expanding his thought process and his well being, so everyone can enjoy his company and companionship.  

Ace is a remarkable young man, he is learning at an alarming rate, today will be 2 weeks since we picked him up and he is already walking in a full heel position with no pulling at all, in fact he will heel in the back yard with no lead on just as well, so in two weeks he's learned the following "come, sit, down, stand, stay, wait, left paw, right paw, high five, drop it, hugs, up, off and easy".  He is learning all of this in all surroundings, indoors, outdoors, downtown Montreal, at the dog park, everywhere.  Here are some of the activities that we've all been experiencing with Ace, the back yard, the car, the dog park, swimming, downtown Montreal, Oktoberfest in the West Island, the beach, friends' homes, a few visitors to our home, hundreds of people, a couple of dogs so far and of course our nature trails.  He's been everywhere with us and he loves the adventures we take him on. 

Ace is quickly catching on to Agility training as you'll see from the pictures, so far he can perform the "A" frame, the walk, jumps, the pause table and entry weave poles.  These are all performed off leash with both hand signals as well as verbal instructions.  We are signing Ace up for Agility classes for October 6th. We see a bright future for this amazing friend.

As you know Ace still loves to be hugged, petted and rubbed.  He's a gentle giant with such a good demeanour, he just can't wipe that big happy grin off his face and neither can we.....we're all so happy we found each other....we're having so much fun...

Ace is doing amazing, he is completely off leash and under full control during our wooded walks, and he is behaving so well I think you would all be very impressed with his huge steps forward.  He has the biggest smile of any dog I've ever seen, it would appear that he is in heaven.  He has really improved with greeting people, and socializing with our human friends, this has been a pretty big challenge but we are on the downhill part now and he is relaxed and comfortable and our friends are more comfortable too.  We are so proud of Ace, he gets lots of compliments on how smart he is, how well-behaved he is, how handsome he is, or how beautiful he is.

We are all having a lot of fun together; the cats even approve so we're one big happy family.  Ace is a pretty lucky boy, we go for big walks in the forest once or twice a day, we also go to the doggie park almost everyday.  As you can imagine he is now in EXCELLENT shape, he is so full of energy, but with all the exercise he sleeps a lot as well.  YES it's a dog's life.

I have attached two pictures, the first one is Julie grooming Ace.  Ace loves it when Julie grooms him; when I groom him he nips at the brush or the nail clippers, etc. and never settles down for me, but when Julie grooms him he sits still and wags his tail, he loves it.  I took the picture a week ago as I still can't believe how he just loves it when Julie grooms him??  The second picture is ACE off leash in our back yard forest (he has earned his off leash participation, he's not 100% perfect but he is at least 99%, which is outstanding for only being 3 months together).  In this picture I have called him to come and he is TRUCKING it back to me; if you look closely you will see him smiling.  I have a couple of video's as well but they are too big to send.  Anyway you can see his big happy smile, he loves being free.


Julie, Steve, Ace and the Cats


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